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Fall Front Porch

My sweet golden retriever puppy has been chewing up my old worn down front door rug and it made me realize how much my front porch needed a makeover. I shopped around one morning and made our front porch a little more festive! Decorating my home seasonally makes me happy and makes each new season that much more exciting. You don't have to do anything huge and crazy. Just a few little things can make a big difference!

I started off at a place called Sun River Gardens. I had never been there before but kept hearing amazing things about it. They had the cutest cinderella pumpkins in so many different colors. Cinderella pumpkins are the ones you see above in the picture that are flat on the bottom making it easy to stack them. I was dying over the colors! I love doing something different than the traditional pumpkin. We will still get a few of those to carve but I have been loving decorating with the cinderella pumpkins the past few years. They have the cutest store inside with the dreamiest seasonal decor.

In the past I have bought larger mums from Costco because they are a great deal but this year I decided to pick up smaller mums to mix in with the pumpkins because my porch isn't huge and that way I could do more small ones than big ones for more pops of color and not spend as much money. This size of mum is about $7.99-$8.99 depending on where you buy them. I even saw some at Walmart. I found pots and containers around my house that ended up working perfectly so I didn't have to spend money to pot them.

I know from experience that mums need water every day or they will die, so don't forget to water them!

While shopping around, I decided to invest in a plant that would work year-round on the porch. I went with a winter gem boxwood. I was told to water it every day in the summer, every couple of days in the fall and that in the wintertime the snow is sufficient to water it. There were all kinds of boxwood that were all beautiful. Some of them were more shaped which I loved too but I decided to go with one that is a little more free spirited:) I can always trim and reshape it as it grows. I found this white pot that I loved and had them pot it for me. I love how it turned out. It will grow and there is plenty of room for it to.

I found this beautiful buffalo check rug to layer underneath the doormat on amazon. You can find it here. Amazon has a lot of them if you're looking for a different size. It is very fun to use with Christmas decor as well.

I found this Home Sweet Home rug at Target. They have a lot of different sizes and choices to pick from. I love how this one looks with everything.

I found a couple different wreaths to try from Target and Home Goods. I decided on this yellow and orange dried olive leaf wreath. I love how it brings everything together and adds color in a subtle way.

Scroll down to see what is looked like BEFORE

This is what it looked like before. It's amazing what a few things can do!

Watch the transformation on YouTube


Home Sweet Home rug. I think I could have gone a little bigger in size. Here is a bigger version of the same rug if you have a bigger porch. It might be a slightly different color.

Pumpkins, mums, the boxwood plant and the white pot are all from Sun River Gardens.

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Peighton Geib
Peighton Geib

we life our

peighton geib


michael blond
michael blond

i like the front entry that rustic look is cool

hello all


Ryan RA9293
Ryan RA9293

Wow that is beautiful


alex palmer
alex palmer

I like it it totally makes your house look at perfect and good

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